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Kirjoittaja: eRQkkaVZIyowUGWgHnc Aika: 28.03.2013 06:29 WILycvaSbJwuDJv
I really enjoy wtcihang your videos. I wish that I could come there and see your beautiful country. I like the quality of your vid's however this one seemed to have more than it's share of dark (over exposed) shots. More than previous vid's, but all in all great job. Maybe you should film some of the women's play to add in the mix of things. It's always nice to see nice looking women play disc golf.Keep up the good work.

Kirjoittaja: QlqNoX7ecy0 Aika: 08.05.2014 21:38 8fy0ZJu6HG2h
Kiitos kaikille ke4ynniste4:) Tilkkutipu on ihana Keskiselte4 ke4rryyn hype4nnyt, kuten elisledene4 keve4e4ne4 hype4nneet pupusetkin. Kukkien ostoon pe4e4sie4inen on mahdottoman hyve4 syy ja nyt on niin ihanata, kun on joka huoneessa jotain kukkivaa ja tuoksuvaa

Kirjoittaja: fVTGh2oo Aika: 19.11.2014 11:41 lInMOC5rZAs
of the ash, outflow tuibng residues, and vented emissions from heating 1 g of tissue samples yielded a total of two transmissions among 21 inoculated animals from the ash of a single specimen burned in normal air at 600 degrees C. No other ash, residue, or emission from samples heated at either 600 or 1000 degrees C, under either normal or starved-air conditions, transmitted disease. We conclude that at temperatures approaching 1000 degrees C under the air conditions and combustion times used in these experiments, contaminated tissues can be completely inactivated, with no release of infectivity into the environment from emissions. The extent to which this result can be realized in actual incinerators and other combustion devices will depend on equipment design and operating conditions during the heating process.PMID: 15575075 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]這是第二篇論文中的原文白話 We here report that once again, despite the nearly total destruction of over 109 LD50, and individual bioassay animal caging to avoid any possibility of cross-contamination, an ashed sample of scrapie-infected tissue transmitted disease after having been exposed to 600 C for 15 min, and once again, we found no survival after exposure to 1000 C. We also show that no infectivity escaped into air emissions from 15 min test burns at either 600 or 1000 C.Whatever the mechanism of this minimal level of survival in extreme heatwhether a result of incomplete combustion, the existence of a mineralized template for replication, or some other unimagined phenomenonit may be concluded that the exposure under carefully controlled laboratory conditions of a small sample of contaminated tissue to 1000 C, under either an oxidizing or reducing atmosphere, will ensure complete sterilization of the ash and emissions. Exposure at 600 C allows a minimal level of infectivity to persist in the ash but generates air emission products that are noninfective. 只要用1000 C去燒 就能完全讓Prion失去活性

Kirjoittaja: yZZU95B6H Aika: 24.07.2016 04:24 xM6yexLhnoOY
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